When France is no longer a dream. The example of Niger

This document is the ‘Note d’actualité No. 38’ (June 2016), property of the Thomas More Institute (with the support of the DGRIS). Reproduction by GRIP courtesy of its author, Antonin Tisseron.

Niger, a country particularly exposed to the jihadist threat that burdens the Sahel-Saharan strip, is generally regarded in France as a reliable partner that is aware of the security issues. Caught between the AQIM movement in the West, the Libyan conflicts and Islamic State in the North as well as Boko Haram attacks in the South, the authorities have undertaken to increase the strength of the armed forces while several attempted terrorist actions were thwarted in the country. Seen from Niger, however, away from the corridors of power, Franco-Nigerien relationship has showed significant deterioration in recent years. And while this deterioration is not inexorable, it cannot be neglected. Considering that Niger is no exception.

Crédit photo : Wikimedia Commons/Jean Rebiffé/Niamey from the sky