The challenges of the awakening civil society in Chad

Between autumn 2014 and spring 2016, Chad witnessed a popular mobilization of an unprecedented scale. The protest was initially driven by the economic difficulties but gradually became more political, particularly with the action of the civic associations platforms "Trop, c’est trop", "Iyina" and "Ça suffit". The importance of these numerous civil society organizations demanding the departure of President Idriss Déby, grew over this period, but not without difficulties. In a context of restricted civil liberties, particularly since the presidential elections of April 2016, these organizations seem fragile, and struggle to maintain a high level of popular mobilization. On the eve of President Deby's inauguration on August 8, 2016, the possibility of a real awakening of the Chadian civil society remains to be assessed.

(Photo: blogger Makaïla's website)