Permanent Structured Cooperation: national perspectives and state of play

This Report is now available in English on the European Parliament's website.

The European Parliament commissioned GRIP with a study on Permanent Structured Cooperation. Written by Frédéric Mauro, in collaboration wiht Federico Santopinto, the study was first published in French on 17 July. 

Abstract: One year after the British vote on Brexit, the Member States of the European Union seem to be on the verge of waking the ‘Sleeping Beauty’ of European defence: permanent structured cooperation (PESCO). Do they have the same understanding of its intended goals and of the ways forward or means of achieving them, or are they simply motivated by the desire not to end up on the edges of the sort of Eurogroup for defence that is being set up? What are the specific areas of agreement and disagreement between the groups taking shape in the European Council? Have any debates intentionally or unintentionally glossed over been glossed over and, if so, which ones? Lastly, what are the desirable scenarios for the months and years to come? Is there still time to change things or has the die been cast? The purpose of this study is to answer those questions.

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